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No need for credit cards or cash. Shop anywhere you want with your smartphone.

CHANGEiT transforms your mobile phone into the forefront of electronic wallets.
Shop with your smartphone and turn loose change into a problem of the past.

Shop with your cellphone

With no need for credit cards or dataphones, CHANGEiT gives you the smartest and safest ways to shop from your smartphone system.

The ecosystem services by CHANGEiT is designed to ensure the most comfortable and economical service for the benefit of users and small businesses.

Check the advantages of CHANGEiT to Users and Businesses.

Shop how you want

The CHANGEiT platform is so versatile that it allows you to enter the payment system on any device. Smartphones, prepaid cards, bracelets, key chains or NFC system cards.

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Shop always safely

In CHANGEiT safety comes first, which is why we use the most advanced and intelligent systems in data encryption, that along with the validation through your secret PIN make this system one of the safest in the world.

CHANGEiT is anti losses and anti theft, your data is always on our server that encrypts communications with your phone so nobody can access your information.