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Send and receive money from anywhere

Forget about account or ATM numbers. CHANGEiT gives you the safest and fastest mobile payment system.

Send and receive payments from your friends

Transfer money to whomever you want and wherever you want with just a few clicks. Forget ATMs or account numbers, you only need your smartphone connected to CHANGEiT.

We eliminate the middlemen that raise the price of your transactions, this is why we offer domestic transfers at a cost of € 0.0.

Withdraw cash at any ATM

CHANGEiT offers a comprehensive solution to withdraw cash easily and securely from anywhere in the world. Simply select the amount you want to withdraw and immediately we will send you a Hal-Cash code to your mobile phone. With this code you can withdraw your cash in more than 30 countries.

Transfer money in a safe way

In CHANGEiT safety comes first, therefore all actions are validated using your mobile phone or your secret key. CHANGEiT can not be duplicated, information is never on the mobile phone and the communication channels are encrypted. It is anti-theft or loss since you can not read the information from your card, as it is always on our servers.